Leisure and extreme asphalt and dirt tracks, here magic of the sun filtered through the leafy vault of the Mediterranean bush makes everyone in the saddle equally enchanted. The chirping of cicadas intertwines with your breath while your gaze sweeps along a real mosaic of cultivated fields, arboreal scrub, sand, canals and strips of the lagoon.

Located between our wonderful Bibione and Caorle, Brussa and Vallevecchia cycling routes offer experience that is really difficult to put into words: passionate about hunting and outdoor life, Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway tried it with excellent results in the work "Beyond the river and among the trees” spending long stays to explore this location.

With the same unaltered charm, this uncontaminated corner of the Northern Adriatic coast is still offering the treasures all to discover. This is the right time to get your bike and take the splendid tourist itinerary of Brussa and Vallevecchia!

This cycling path combines 23 km of asphalted and partly dirt roads suitable for families, amateur cyclists, groups of friends or even more experienced sportsmen who want to enjoy a relaxing ride without losing the rhythm training.

After leaving Bibione, just cross the cycle bridge over the canal called Taglio, in the Prati Novi area, and head towards the marvellous area that includes the villages of Lugugnana, Brussa, Castello di Brussa then going up to the protected lagoon area called Vallevecchia. A shorter route is available starting # from this year with the boat pass to the Baseleghe port which ferries directly to Brussa.

You will explore unique coastal dune system, to all intents and purposes the largest non-urbanized beach around Northern Adriatic coast, characterized by authentic and wild panoramas featuring over 150 species of birds.

Do not miss this itinerary - contact Bike Park in Hotel Aspe for more information and plan your adventure in the middle of nature and history now!

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