Blending land and sea, countryside and lagoon, Mediterranean plants and sand, Bibione perfectly combines opposite elements to recreate in their reciprocal alternation and confrontation an unmatched beauty.

Approaching these unique landscapes with bike is definitely one of the best ways to taste their essence: colors, scents, sea breeze and warmth of the sun bring sensation that gives splendid, memorable emotions.

Cycling tours of the Litoranea Veneta (Venetian Coast) and the Casoni di Prati Novi is a jewel of cycling tourism that perfectly combines the territory and a slow holiday suitable for cyclists of all ages and experience. It consists of a 23 km of cycling routes for trips lasting around 3 hours with a quiet pace.

It may be a morning or an afternoon of pure beauty and relaxation, starting from the Bibione cycle path from the bridge to the west, leading to a road blending waterway of the Venetian coast and the magnificent fishing valleys of Valgrande and Vallesina, culminating in large cultivated expanses and rice fields of Terzo Bacino. This cycling itinerary will become real immersion in a bucolic habitat with wooden houses and huts featuring habits and legends of the fishermen and farmers who have lived in those enchanting location for generations.

At the end of this itinerary you will reach the Prati Novi, a location accessible by a dirt road that houses iconic fishing houses: do not miss a visit to these pearls of popular and spontaneous construction, enjoy unique natural heritage of Venetian Riviera!

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